Q: What are the benefits of private label gel polish? 

A: The benefits include own brand control, higher profit margins, customize formulas , special colors and package design, and the ability to differentiate your product line from competitors.

How Can I do My Private Label Gel Polish?

Q: Can I customize the formula and colors of my private label gel polish? 

A: Yes, we can offer customization options for the formula, colors, and finishes to meet your specific brand requirements and preferences.

What processes for private label gel polish?

A: Please read this page private label on the top of navigation bar.

What Is the MOQ?

Q: What is the MOQ for private label gel polish? 

A: while gel polish bulk you buy , the MOQ for different type gel, range 1-5 kg/ color . but typically ranges from bottles and package supply chain. Depending on the level of customization and production capabilities.

What Is the Production Lead Time?

Q: How long does it take to produce private label gel polish?

 A: Production lead times generally takes 2 to 5 weeks from the order confirmation to receive your private label nail gel polish, including customization and quality checks in the nail gel factory.

How Do I Ensure the Quality of UV Gel Nail Polish?

Q: How can I ensure the quality of my private label UV gel polish?

 A: We already help 8500+ Brands customized. Nearly 20 years of experience on private label nail gel polish. Testing enough samples before placing a large order, and ensure the manufacturer adheres to industry standards and certifications.

Q: What packaging options are available for private label gel polish? 

A: We can offer a range of packaging options, including bottles, jars, and boxes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Custom labeling and printing are also available to align with your brand requirements.

Q: What are the costs involved in private label gel polish?

 A: Costs based on factors such as the level of customization, e.g. color quantity, formula or another special requirement, order quantity, packaging choices, and shipping.

Q: Can you assist with branding and design? 

A: Yes, we can offer design and branding services to help create your unique product identity. This can include logo design, packaging design, and marketing materials.

Q: What support can I expect after production?

 A: We provide ongoing support, including product updates, marketing assistance, and customer service to help you successfully market and sell your private label gel polish.


What's the difference between gel and nail polish?

The difference between traditional nail polish and gel polish is that all gel polishes contain photoinitiators and oligomers, which require a UV/LED Light to cure them.


Does gel nail polish need UV light?

All gel manicures need the polish to be cured using a special ultraviolet lamp due to the oligomers and photoinitiators.


How do you remove gel nail polish?

Acetone is used to remove gel polish. The most effective method is to file the surface of the gel, apply cuticle oil, and then wrap the nails in foil wraps soaked in acetone. After 10-12 minutes remove the foil and the gel should lift away. If any gel remains on the nail soak for a further few minutes until all of the gel lifts away from the nail.




How can you apply Hema Free Builder Gel effectively?

Clean and prepare nails: push back cuticles and buff. Apply thin layer of base coat. Cure it under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds for best results.

Apply a thin coat of builder gel using a gel brush.

When curing under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds, add bead of builder gel in nail center area for spreading outward evenly and cure again for 60 seconds before repeating process if more structure is desired.

Finally file, shape, and buff nails once fully set before curing completes process.

After applying and curing your top coat for 60 seconds, finish by finishing off with cuticle oil for optimal results.


Do I require aftercare instructions in order to maintain the longevity of the Hema Free Builder Gel on nails?


Yes. To maintain longevity of Hema Free Builder Gel manicures on nails: mes Moisturise Daily:

Apply Cuticle Oil Regularly to moisturize both nail beds and surrounding skin in order to keep moisture levels regulated for an enhanced effect of Hema Free Builder Gel nails and to keep cuticles supple and moistened at all times.


Wear Gloves: Gloves should always be worn when performing household tasks or coming into contact with chemicals and liquids that could potentially irritate hands and nails, and when exposed to water.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Make sure not to use strong detergents or chemicals without proper protection.


while being gentle: Never use nails as tools for opening cans or scraping surfaces - these could result in injuries!


Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular fill-in visits every 2-3 weeks in order to keep nail strength and appearance at optimal levels.


Avoid Picking or Peeling: To protect the gel layer beneath, avoid picking or peeling at it as this can cause lifting or peeling and cause further damage. Keep Nails Dry After Handwashing or Swimming


Filing Gently: When filing is required, use a gentle nail file in order to reduce lifting. Quality Products: For optimal nail health use recommended top coats and strengtheners. If lifting occurs immediately address it to prevent further damage to nails.


How does Hema Free Builder Gel compare against similar products on the market?

Hema-free builder gels provide comparable durability and flexibility as traditional builder gels while using larger molecules like polyurethane acrylate oligomer to minimize allergic reactions and provide long-term, flexible nail enhancement solutions that are gentler on natural nails compared to methods such as acrylic nails. They're available at both retail stores as well as online suppliers like Hema Beauty Solutions - perfect for when traveling!