Private Label or Custom UV Gel Polish

Private Label or Custom Gel Polish 

    How to do private label or custom gel polish for your own brand or product line ?  You have to research a professional UV gel polish manufacturer  for custom gel nail polish. There is an guide for detailed processes of private label or customization of  UV nail gel. 

1.Communication & Negotiation

      Customers will forward your own needs and expectations. For example, specific requirements for collagen performance, color, texture, durability, gloss and other aspects for gel polish. Please kindly tell us your business types, target markets  and customer needs, that would help us adjust the formula of nail gel to meet your market demand and prices level.
     Meanwhile,we also introduce the details of our company, including products catalog, product development capabilities, customization capabilities, design capabilities, production capacity and after -sales guarantee capabilities. In order to meet the market's subsequent supply and continuous development of new products, we should respond to market demand trends.

2.Original Samples Testing

    After detailed communication and negotiation, we will prepare many types of Gel Polish samples according to your requirements, and quickly send them to your hands via Fedex/DHL/UPS. Take a series of products to test to see if it can reach the quality of your brand..

3. Samples Testing Feedback & Confirmed

   After a series of gel polish tests, please send the test results to us. We will start to custom steps . If there are further improvement details or formula adjustments, we will cooperate with the sample and submit the test for the second time. Until you meet your needs.

4. Many Bottles, Jars or Soft Tubes for choice. And Caps, Brushes 

  After the early discussion, it is determined what kind of work packaging method is used, and we provide a variety of cured gel nail bottle types, tanks or hoses and accessories for you to choose. After the selection, we will generate a BOM list as a standard file for product customization..

5. Labels Design & Custom

We start to customize the labels. If you do not have a logo and label design files, our designers can provide free design services. If you have, you can also forward it to us. After our designers check and re -arrange, printing will be printed.

6.Package Design & Custom

If there are no special requirements, we can use our default outer packaging. If you need to customize your own outer box, we can help you design or you have design files, or you can forward it to us. After our designers check and arrange, the drafts will be printed and confirmed.

7. Customized Samples Submited

After all customized samples are completed, we will deliver complete standard samples to you. It will also be quickly delivered to your hands through Fedex/DHL/UPS. Undergo verification.

8. Choose & Confirm Gel Colors & Performances

  After the packaging and outer packaging confirm that it is qualified, we will provide a series of colors for you to choose. Total colors chart over 5000 colors for your choose. Or you have to make imitation or make your own color. Our engineer will send you qualified products to you for testing after being deployed and tested. After the test is passed, we will seal the sample. For later, large -scale products are used for color comparison.

9.All Confirmed & Place Order

  After all the details are confirmed, we will accept your formal order and deliver high -quality nail polish glue to your designated address. For the after -sales and other abnormal problems of the product, in general, we will deal with the results of the results within 48 hours. To protect your rights and interests.

    Last but not least, as an UV gel polish manufacturers, we previde the processes that help customer creating own brands or products line, thus offering a full-service solution that caters to varying business needs.
We express our pride in contributing to the beauty and cosmetics industry through our gel factory nails. Working with us, you receive access to an extraordinary palette of colors and the ability to put your brand logo on your custom nail glue polish.

   Overall, we offer an end-to-end solution for your custom nail polish needs, assuring high quality products that reflect your brand personality. Trust us to create exceptional gel nail polish that your customers will love. Just imagine the possibilities!

If you have any requirement or questions, please don't hesitation to contact us.